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Gavin Scott

Gavin is a corporate and resources partner based in Brisbane who specialises in the development of natural resources projects.

He is a well-recognised expert in developing strategies to manage social, human rights and governance risks to projects, particularly those related to community impact, native title / first nations issues and cultural heritage.

He has over 20 years’ experience of developing natural resources projects in Australia, PNG and Indonesia. He has been involved in many of Australia’s key hard rock and gas projects, including in Queensland’s CSG to LNG industry from its inception. He has also advised on the development of major gas pipelines, linear infrastructure, solar and wind farms, as well as agribusiness and residential development projects.

Through his unique Aboriginal land law and cultural heritage expertise, he is well known for developing innovative solutions to facilitate community engagement, land access and native title approvals. He also has expertise in formulating engagement strategies with Government departments and pastoral land owners.

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